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(TO) Red Alert

on February 11, 2012

Yes, I’m in love with red. Most of my stuffs won’t lie.

So for this weekend groceries time I chose red outfit.


Top & bottom : xKorz
Necklace: FB: everlasting Batik
Belt & bag : unbranded
shoes : fleurette

But heyy,, what did that grey shoes do there? Fashion crime! *garuk-garuk aspal*

Gosh…Wish I could have a perfect red shoes suits to my outfit (oh please skip counting the red alice crocs,momey…)

How’s about that Up Shoes you’re dreaming for months since it was released?

Here’s how it looks like:

Droooooollllliiiing! *lap iler*
No doubt for its comfy. Juara! I have one of their brown stella. Dipakai seharian ga bikin pegel, ga bikin lecet. Daaaan, produk lokal lho. *bangga*
So it’s CONFIRMED!I want that CANDI red*.
We are matched for each other. 😉

Try this pic:


Question? 😀

PS: this post is dedicated to mbak Woro , who has this personal giveaway contest.
Mauuuuuuuk maaaaaaaak…. 😀

I wish me a very good luck on this. *amiiiiiiiiiiin… mana itu Candi tinggal yang mere, yes, no?

CANDI red : Stand tall, walk tall. Candi loves to spend time observing & enjoying life.


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