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Women Wired Weekend

on March 1, 2012

Nggak, gue gak ikut seminar yang diadakan sama female daily network ini.

alasan: akhir bulan! belum gajian, dan di sana ada juga market plaza day. lebih baik menghindar. hihihi…

Tapi gue tertarik banget dengan seminarnya. karena ada @mrshananto di sana. Perlu banget ya, secara gue yang terlalu boros ini perlu dihajar dulu otaknya dengan ilmu financial yang benar.

Jadi, gue coba ‘curi’ ilmu aja deh dari twitternya @womenwiredweekend, sbb:

  • Most women live longer than men. Therefore we should not be dependent to men.  UHUK!
  • Even though you run a business, it’s possible that get no profit and have no money.
  • What should we do with personal money? 1) check your expend 2)maintain healthy finance ratio (10-30% for saving, maximum 30% to pay credit) 3) Know your financial purpose so you understand what your saving for
  • “Impulsive buying only happens to people that has no money. Once they have money, they’ll shop more wisely” DJLEB!
  • In your financial plan, divide your money into: emergency, education, retirement, holiday & home funds
  • Try to save your money to realize specific purpose. It will also stops you from impulsive buying. WILL DO!

sumber: https://twitter.com/#!/WWWEvent

Sooo… ROCK ON! 😀


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